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Returning After a Leave

Returning After a Leave

Michele Marrinan, Monster Contributing Writer

Have Fun

Don’t jump right back into the fire. That would, after all, defeat much of the purpose of taking a leave. Make sure that you’re returning to work you enjoy. If not, consider changing jobs or careers. “Ideally, you want to find a company with values that align with yours,” McDonald says. “The last thing you want to do is go back to a job that makes you as miserable as the one you left.”

Effect Change

If your old company doesn’t fit your new lifestyle, change it. And don’t think it can’t be done. Several of McDonald’s clients have successfully negotiated job share, flextime and part-time arrangements. Worst-case scenario, your boss says no. Best case, the company agrees to your proposal — and all because you had the guts to broach the subject.

Just don’t get too comfortable in your newfound work arrangement. As with most things in life, you may have to make additional adjustments along the way. “When you solve the work/life dilemma, you don’t just settle it once,” McDonald explains. “It’s really a journey. You will craft different solutions depending on the different life stage you’re in.”

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