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Applying Nursing Skills Outside of Work

Applying Nursing Skills Outside of Work

Ani Burr | Scrubs Magazine

Last Valentine’s Day I decided to wake up early and make my beau a homemade chocolate chip cookie cake, all decorated with a cartoon picture of us. It was going to be perfect, but I had to get up super early to get started on it. The problem with that is: I am not a morning person. Nevertheless, I am mixing ingredients in the bowl and decide that to better cream the butter and eggs together, I should use our new hand blender. It was working fabulously, everything coming out in the right consistency.

The thing with hand blenders though, you know, is that what you’re mixing always gets stuck up underneath the blade. So naturally, I had to clean it out. Being that it was so early, I didn’t disconnect the blender from its electrical hub while I was cleaning it. So, when my hand slipped and accidentally turned the blender back on, my finger was in the way.

Fortunately, it was only my finger tip and I pulled it out rather quickly. But the blade still had enough time to make a few rounds around my finger tip and managed to macerate it pretty well. In the shock of it all, I didn’t feel any pain at first, but boy did it look painful! There was blood all over, and when I rinsed it with water, I got flashes of what it looked like (not pretty).

And in that moment, not only could I not formulate any words (I kept saying “OW!” because it looked so painful, and I couldn’t figure out how to say anything else), but I couldn’t think of what to do. Every bit of nursing knowledge went on vacation in that moment and I stood in the kitchen waiting for an idea to pass by while I watched blood drip down my hand. Needless to say, my mom and step-dad came running in and we figured out enough to put a (clean) towel over it, apply pressure, keep it elevated and get in the car and head to the ER (the ER experience is definitely another blogging Oprah – perhaps another time). And (definitely) needless to say, there was no cookie cake at the end of the day).

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