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How to Communicate with Your Nursing Supervisor

How to Communicate with Your Nursing Supervisor

Linda Childers | Monster Contributing Writer

Build a Mutual Support Base

“Nursing is stressful,” adds June Fabre, RNC, MBA, author of Smart Nursing. “We often have too much work, too little control over that work and not enough help from each other. Abundant mutual support can help to resolve all of these problems.”

Fabre worked on a high-performance nursing team with her colleagues for more than five years and encourages other nurses to create a similar environment in their workplace.

2011 RN Salary Projections

RN SalariesIn 2010 RNs can expect to see their salaries, and other benefits, grow. More employers are offering sweet incentives such as sign-on bonuses, tuition reimbursement, and more flexible hours in order to entice nurses to work in their facilities.

How much could you be making?

“Our high-performance team included all the staff, not just nurses,” she says. “We helped each other during busy times, used humor to decrease stress, created a relaxed working environment and a positive atmosphere with a strictly enforced ‘we do not tolerate rudeness’ motto.”

If you’re looking to resolve some difficult issues in your own workplace, Fabre encourages nurses to:

• Brainstorm with peers to find solutions, create a better working environment and bring issues to your supervisor as a group.

• Become a master communicator. “If you’re articulate and self-confident, you wield more influence when making requests,” Fabre says. Feel a little rusty in these areas? Consider taking a public speaking or writing course.

• Designate a peer mediator within your unit or department. A mediator can control the process and ensure everyone involved behaves respectfully toward each other when discussion of a conflict or other difficult issue is under way. Peer mediation is voluntary and confidential, which makes the approach successful.

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