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You Deserve a Raise!

You Deserve a Raise!

Why you deserve a raise and how you should get one.

Megan Malugani / Monster Contributing Writer

Although the thought of asking for a raise may give you the jitters, you probably won’t be able to avoid the issue forever. At some point in your healthcare career, it’s likely you’ll have to request a salary increase to get paid what you deserve. Here are some tips for negotiating a higher healthcare salary with a minimum of angst.

Recognize Industry Limitations

Some segments of the healthcare industry, like hospitals and public health agencies, are infamous for their rigid salary structures. “There are many staff-level healthcare positions where it’s not possible to ask for a raise,” says Donna Cardillo, RN, of Cardillo & Associates in Sea Girt, New Jersey. “Because of budgetary restraints, there are very set salaries or salary ranges.” In those positions, the best way to increase your salary may be to get promoted or attain additional certification or education.

Negotiate Early

Whether a workplace has a rigid or loose salary structure, the best time to negotiate your salary is when you’re interviewing for a new healthcare job, says Robert Johnson, assistant administrator for human resources for the Quincy Medical Group in Quincy, Illinois. “Individuals have to make sure they communicate their background and experience,” Johnson says. “They have to show what their value will be to the organization.”

Arm Yourself with the Facts

Asking for a raise when you’re already an employee requires ample preparation. If you believe you’re being underpaid, gather regional salary data to support your claim. You can often find such data through your professional association, or by doing a job search on the Internet for workers in similar positions in your area, Cardillo advises. “Going in with hard data will impact an employer’s decision,” she says.

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