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Whip Your Resume Into Shape

Whip Your Resume Into Shape

By Kristina Cowan

So you’ve discovered the perfect gig with a higher salary, and you’re bent on shuffling your credentials to the hiring manager immediately, if not sooner. You’ve got the experience, education and skills that make you a star candidate.

One hurdle remains: how to do a resume appropriately.

Don’t fret-you can soon be on your way to crafting a stellar resume; just use the following key resume tips from career experts Brian Drum and Heather Heath.

Drum is president and CEO of New York City-based Drum Associates, Inc., a global executive search firm, and Heath, based in Minneapolis, is practice leader of sales and marketing for Hudson, a recruitment and talent management firm.

Expert Resume Tips on How to do a Resume

1. Be accurate and truthful. “A resume should not be embellished or exaggerated-it’s not an exercise in writing a novel. If there’s anything that is not correct or is misstated, it could be a reason for not hiring you,” Drum said.

2. Take two pages for your resume if necessary. Drum said once you have four or five years of experience, it often becomes very difficult to squeeze your career path all onto one page. Heath said she sees two-page resumes “all the time.” Most applicants should avoid three page resumes. Resume Tip for Recent College Graduates: Stick to one page.

3. Use bullets with concise descriptions. Most resumes that use paragraphs aren’t looked at, Drum explained, so it’s best to use bullets, and keep them to a maximum of two lines a piece.

4. In most cases, list experience before education. If you’re a seasoned executive, it’s best to list your work experience first. Resume Tip for Recent College Graduates: Put education up top.

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