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6 True (and Funny!) Stories From Real Nurses

6 True (and Funny!) Stories From Real Nurses

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I was recovering an elderly Cornish female patient who was hard of hearing and who had had her colostomy resited. Upon awakening, we had the following conversation:

“What’s ‘e done then?”

“He’s resited your colostomy.”

“‘e’s what?”

“He’s resited your colostomy.”

“Recycled my colostomy! Well, who’s got it then?”

Taste test

One evening while administering medication to an elderly lady the following exchange took place:

“Hi, I have your medication for you.”

“Oh, okay.”

” I’m gonna give you some Pepcid for your stomach, but I’m putting it in your IV.”

(Patient looked a bit perplexed) “Okay. Uhmmm…I have a question.”

“Oh, what’s your question?”

“Well, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I was just wondering …why Pepsi and not Coke?”

How can you live with that?

I was caring for a 22-year-old newly diagnosed insulin dependent Diabetic who was extremely non-compliant. In my effort to illustrate that compliance and good control of blood sugars generally will delay the onset and severity of long-term complications, I shared the clinical picture of a young man. The man, due to his denial of his disease, by 32 years of age was blind, on dialysis, had lost his testicles and was about to have his feet amputated. The patient cried out in horror, “How can you live without testicles?”

Story submissions by Patty B, Stephanie, Sowmya Sowmya, Caroline Wilkinson, Debbie and Debby Blackman via

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