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How to Avoid Getting the Axe From Your Nursing Job

How to Avoid Getting the Axe From Your Nursing Job

Georgia Price | NursingLink

1. Go Beyond Your Job Description

You were hired as a diagnostic medical sonographer. Your job description is fairly straightforward. You take ultrasounds, maintain the equipment, and report on the results. You may be thinking, “What else can I do?” The answer is, “Lots.” Show you are committed to your career by taking a continuing education class or taking a new co-worker under your wing as his/her mentor. Show interest in a conference that is coming up or read up in the lasted sonography news.

No matter your position, there is no shortage of places where you could put in the extra effort. That’s not to say you should volunteer to work 90 hour weeks, but if you are truly interested in your job, let it be known. If it comes down to you versus the guy next to you, you extra interest can make all the difference.

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2. Own Up to Mistakes

We all make mistakes. If we’re lucky, the mistake doesn’t hurt anyone and is forgotten about. Unfortunately, in the nursing field, a mistake can cost you your career. We don’t need to tell you to be cautious in your job. But if you do make an error, own up to it. You may have given Mrs. Jones the wrong test results, but if you explain the situation to the patient and your supervisor as soon as you realize it happened, you can avoid a world of hurt. Plus, taking responsibility for your actions rather than trying to hide a mishap shows that you are mature and an employee who is worth investing in.

3. Remain Upbeat!

It’s a scary economy out there! If your hospital or clinic starts laying people off, resist the urge to retreat into a corner, curl into the fetal position, and hope for the best. Keeping a positive attitude despite rough times can add to your appeal! Remember, you still have your job and you (hopefully) still love it. Continue to greet patients and co-workers with a smile and you may avoid the axe.

4. Solicit Feedback

If you are worried about whether or not you’ll have a job tomorrow, one of the best things you can do is find out how you’ve been doing. Feedback from supervisors and peers can help you appraise what you need to start or stop in order to make sure you don’t get laid off. Don’t try to be sneaky about an information evaluation. Set up a meeting with your supervisor so you can speak frankly about any concerns you may have. Getting input from a trusted colleague can give you an idea of how others on your team view you and where you stand with other employees.

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