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4 Ways to Earn Respect at Your First Job

4 Ways to Earn Respect at Your First Job

Peter Vogt | MonsterTRAK Career Coach

Few Go Above and Beyond

You’ll be amazed by the number of clock-watchers you’ll be working with. These workers do only what’s asked of them and put in their 40 hours a week, not a second more.

Their indifference can be your gain if you simply offer to take on additional assignments or put in extra time once in a while.

“Happy volunteers rack up points,” says Stern. “Companies are always impressed with junior staffers who are willing to pay their dues, roll up their sleeves and pitch in to help. By exhibiting this type of can-do attitude and leaving your ego at the doorstep, you’ll show management that you’re committed to hard work, advancement and the team effort.”

Listening is Highly Underrated

“This should be an obvious one, but many entry-level workers are anxious to prove their knowledge, and they speak without listening first,” says Mary Harris, a corporate etiquette and protocol consultant in Fort Lauderdale.

The unintended result: An image of a snotty know-it-all with no regard for more-experienced colleagues.

So above all, learn to really listen, says Marjorie Brody, head of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania-based Brody Communications and coauthor of Help! Was That a Career Limiting Move?

“When you understand what people are saying to you and need of you rather than always focusing on your own agenda, you garner respect from your colleagues as someone who is attentive and cares,” she explains.

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