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5 Easy Ways to Make Money Even if You're Unemployed

5 Easy Ways to Make Money Even if You're Unemployed

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4. Garage Sales
Couldn’t sell your items on EBay or Amazon?  Well, don’t give up just yet!  There is a huge population of Baby Boomers that do not necessarily like to use websites like these.  There are also a lot of people who enjoy searching out deals at garage sales.  It doesn’t cost you anything to set up a garage sale, just some time and maybe a poster or two (think big and think arrows!) to hang up.  Spring and summer weekends are great for garage sales. 

5. Substitute Teaching
Although this is not guaranteed, since nobody knows when they might need a substitute teacher, having this as an opportunity to earn money can be great.  You do not need a teaching degree to be a substitute teacher.  Plus, there are many benefits of having this job: you may only have to be at school for a few periods, but often you get paid for a whole day.  Also, the hours are great!  Since you are not a full-time teacher, you do not have to stay after school for extra help. 

These suggestions may not bring in as much money as a full or part time job would, but they will definitely help you out a little bit while you are searching for a job.  Don’t just give up!  Searching for a job can take up a lot of your time, but trying out some of the above can be a little bit of a pick-me-up, and the money can help you with those bills that keep coming regardless of your current employment situation.

  • Photo_user_blank_big


    over 3 years ago


    There are a million things you can do online for money - including affiliate marketing, adsense, offering services, e-commerce of your own product or other people's products. Others find their niche in article marketing, review/comparison websites, blogging, selling ad space, the list is long. It's always a good idea to invest in your education, so an online business administration degree might be right for you. There are millions of people around the world in each of the above fields and equally as many stories - some of them make millions, some just barely scrape by, some keep it as a nice little side income, some do it full-time and have it as their main source of revenue. Some are super successful, some are complete failures, and a lot stand somewhere in the middle.

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    almost 4 years ago


    Garage Sales &, also setting up @ Flea Marketsl. We do Recycle all different metals @ a Recycle Plant for monetorial reimbursement periodically.

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    almost 4 years ago


    These are good suggestions. As nurses, we have a skill, and that is health knowledge. Looking outside the box, even as a nurse can open up opportunities. My box is wide open. It's hard when you feel discouraged to think outside the box.

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