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4 Preceptor Personality Types

Prisca Smith | Scrubs Magazine


2. The second type of preceptor I’ve run across is what I call “Out-of-it.” “Out-of-it” does his job and manages to make the orinetee feel like they are in the way 99% of the time. Nothing is explained, nothing is taught, and the orientee is often on their own. The “Out-of-it” preceptor’s best feature is that the orientee gets to learn truly by hands-on and yes, by the ever-dreaded mistake. As long as the orientee doesn’t kill anyone, s/he can learn a lot by jumping in and doing everything without direction. Of course, if the orientee has any sense, they will ask for another preceptor!

My “out of it” preceptor left me alone to care for a full load of patients, and proceeded to take a 4-hour lunch break while I dealt with some seriously ill moms & babies on an antepartum unit one week into orientation! I taught myself A LOT that day!

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    over 4 years ago


    My hospital gives preceptor pay; they just have to write it in a time clock edit log. I do have to say that I experienced a preceptor that did a lot of the work and didn't teach me stuff, or sometimes she did let me do stuff but rushed me through it and sometimes even took over. I also felt like when I asked questions she didn't answer them in the way I was looking for - she was too rushed to make sure she was getting at what I needed to know. Also I felt she was very critical. So I got a new preceptor, actually 2 cause my main preceptor is part time, but she was the only one available where I will be working, right now. I really like both of them now. They are both "co-worker" style.

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