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Nursing Cover Letter Dos and Don'ts

Nursing Cover Letter Dos and Don'ts

Megan Malugani, Monster Contributing Writer

Spice Up Your Writing

Effective cover letters are a little different from all the others but still straightforward, experts say. For example, the boring, traditional way to begin a cover letter is: “I am writing in response to your advertisement for a nurse and have enclosed my resume for your review.” The better opener could be: “Your ad on Monster for a nurse captured my attention and motivated me to learn more about this opportunity.” Then describe how your qualifications match the employer’s needs.

Follow Up

An unforgivable error some job seekers make is failing to follow up after promising to do so in a cover letter. If you write in your cover letter that you’ll call the letter recipient on a certain day or by a specific deadline, do it.


• Provide salary information when it is not requested.
• Address a letter recipient by anything other than his name. Avoid “Dear Sirs” at all costs.
• Write a canned, generic letter that looks like it was copied from a book.
• Start the first paragraph and too many other sentences with “I.”
• Make spelling errors and typos.
• Handwrite a cover letter.
• Use shoddy paper, or paper that’s different from your resume paper.
• Cram too much information into a small space.
• Include irrelevant personal information or job experience.
• Overstate your accomplishments or contradict your resume.

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