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6 Ways Nurses Can Beat Compassion Fatigue


1.Talk It Out

Get your fears and frustrations off your chest. In a word, talk. Talk to your friends. Talk to your family. If needed, talk to a professional, or ask if your employer provides a therapist for employees who are going through a rough patch. Expressing your feelings will help you get to the route of your problem. There may be a deep-seeded issue that you aren’t aware of yet, and a licensed therapist can help you delve into the problems you are having.

Remember to talk to the right people. Patients and clients don’t need to hear that you are doubting your career choices, and co-workers don’t need to know that you can’t stand your DON. However, sharing generalized frustrations with your peers can be very helpful. Maybe your co-workers are experiencing similar feelings, or they may be able to give you advice if they have dealt with the same issues previously.

Bottling up your feelings only creates more pressure, and a nurse under pressure is likely to explode.

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