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6 Ways Nurses Can Beat Compassion Fatigue


4. Learn to Say “No”

You got into nursing because you have a passion to care for others, so you probably find it difficult to turn someone down when they ask for a favor, no matter how big. However, if you can’t say “No,” you are going to end up feeling burned out – fast. Be polite and honest when you tell someone “No.” A colleague may ask you to check in on a patient for them or swap shifts with you, but if you are already feeling overwhelmed, an extra task, even if it’s small, could push you over the edge. Tell your co-worker that you would, but you have a lot on your plate today. If your spouse asks you to pick up dinner on the way home after you’ve had an exhausting 12-hour shift, let him/her know that you are tired and really just need to get home – maybe he/she could have a pizza delivered?

Learning to say “No” at work and at home isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a good person or that you don’t care. And we both know that you won’t decline every time.

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