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How to Manage a Complaint (and Protect Your Nursing License!)

How to Manage a Complaint (and Protect Your Nursing License!)

Don't let a complaint end in license revocation...

Tania Khadder

6. Document Everything

You learn it in nursing school, but you may not realize quite how important it is until you are actually facing a complaint.

Mother Jones, registered nurse and founder of well-known nursing blog Nurse Ratched’s Place, reiterated this point for NursingLink. “If I did a dressing change but I didn’t chart it, then legally I didn’t do it,” she says. “If the patient’s wound gets infected, and they sue me, it doesn’t matter if I say I did it. If it’s not in the chart, I’m liable.”

The same logic applies to any action you’re taking to improve your practice or reform in light of a complaint. Things like continued education or rehabilitation need to be documented.

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