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5 Interview Types and How to Ace Them

Tania Khadder

3. The Case Interview

What Is It?

Just because you’ve never heard of it doesn’t mean you never will.

In a case interview, the interviewer will present a real or hypothetical business problem, and ask you to analyze the situation and present how you might go about solving it. These types of interviews are typically used when applying for investment banking or management consulting posts.

The interviewer is usually trying to assess your critical thinking skills and general business knowledge. Normally, you’re not given enough information in the outset to identify the problem and come up with a solution. In fact, you are expected to ask smart questions to get to the desired outcome.

How to Ace It

In a case interview, there really is no perfect answer. You’re going to be judged more on how you approach the problem than on the specific solutions you come up with.

Start by fully understanding the situation, based on the information you’ve been given. Remember, this type of interview is a two-way conversation, and the interviewer will likely deliberately leave key information out to make sure you ask the right questions. If at any point, you are unsure what is being asked, make sure to ask for clarification before proceeding.

Once you are sure you understand the problem at hand, take time to organize your thoughts and present a possible solution. If you need to ask more questions, go ahead and do so.

One way to prepare in advance for this type of interview is to practice with case examples you can get for free online.

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    I have a phone interview tomorrow, reading this was very helpful...hope it works for me!

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    I'm going to an intervieww tomorrow and this helped. I did pass the phone interview!!! On to phase two!

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    Can you please put all articles in an easy to print format!

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    I am going for an interview this afternoon. This was very helpful. Thank you.

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    Thank you very much,it is really informative and will help candidates to get properly prepare for their interviews

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