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10 Worst Time Wasters at Work

Tania Khadder | NursingLink

Culprit #10: Cigarette/Coffee Breaks

Everyone needs to step away from their shift every once in a while. In fact, it’s been said that taking breaks can often make you more productive. But if you’re going out for a smoke or a coffee run every half hour (sounds extreme, but not totally unrealistic), you’re reducing your productivity to the bare minimum by never really getting into the groove of your work.

The solution: When it comes to breaks outside the hospital, use your best judgement. We recommend three a day: one mid-morning, one at lunch time, and one in the afternoon. Taking your full lunch break is key, if you can. As a nurse If you’re out of the hospital for a solid hour mid-day, you’ll feel less of a need to step out for smaller breaks. And you’ll be able to get into the work groove – and stay there! – more often.

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