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10 Nurse Depictions We Wish Would Go Away

10 Nurse Depictions We Wish Would Go Away

Marijke Durning | Scrubs Magazine

5. Fetish Nurses

As if sexualizing nurses isn’t enough, we can always take it one step further. What’s worse than a sexually naughty nurse dressed in vinyl? That’s what photographer Richard Prince thought would be fun when he dressed up model Kate Moss in a low zipped vinyl “nurse” dress. But come to think of it, vinyl wouldn’t stain, would it?

6. Nurse Ratched

Okay, so she’s not your typical big-busted, puffy-lipped, ditzy naughty nurse. But believe it or not, women like her are a turn-on for some men. Seriously! Men who like being told that they’re naughty go ga-ga over the Nurse Ratched type.

She’s an old character, you say? Sure, but check out a lot of the more modern movies and TV shows that have nurses. There’s usually one strict one who just loves to pull her weight!

I won’t even bother going into detail about the now rare but still ridiculous Ratched references we shrug off when we have to be firm with a patient.

7. Sexy (and Usually Gay) Male Nurse

How many men in nursing still have to fight the "male nurses are gay” stereotype? As much as women who are nurses hate the naughty nurse image, male nurses feel the same way about their stereotype.

8. Servant Nurse

Thought the days of serving doctors were over? Not in TV land. Check out this General Hospital clip on YouTube. Now it’s one thing to offer someone a cup of coffee if you’re getting one yourself, but check out what the nurse does after she hands Mr. Doctor his cup!


9. Soap Opera/Medical Drama Nurse

Remember the days of General Hospital? Do you remember Nurse Amy? The nurses, beautiful and well-endowed, of course, were always hanging around the nurses’ station if they weren’t making out in the treatment room with the newest doctor on the set. The nurses plotted to seduce the doctors, marry them and/or have their babies. A typical day in an American hospital?

You’d think we’d gotten beyond that, but that nurse is still alive and well in some of today’s medical dramas.

10. Bimbo/Helpless Nurse

If some men don’t want a seductress or a porn nurse, they may enjoy spending time with Nurse Bimbo. Of course, Nurse Bimbo looks a lot like Sexy Nurse, but Nurse Bimbo needs help walking and chewing gum at the same time. The bimbo stereotype hits nurses two ways: questioning the nurse’s ability and sexualizing the nurse.

So, do you think there’s any hope of getting rid of these stereotypes? Or do we just need to get a dose of that sense of humor people say we lack when we complain?

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