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7 Things to Learn from a "Lifer" Nurse

Prisca Smith | Scrubs Magazine

7. Nurses with longevity know how to handle management, the doctors, and the patients. They have become interpersonal experts and can navigate all the drama of the hospital in order to take good care of their patients. I see seasoned nurses at staff meetings, on committees and in charge. They have learned that in order to effect change, they have to take an active leadership role in what’s happening—on and off the unit!

Experienced nurses are an example of how to avoid burn out as they have found ways to cope with and love the profession for the long haul. And yes, I believe that time makes a good nurse even better! There of course is always an exception to the rule, but for the most part I am in awe of the nurses I am working with and am enjoying watching them in action. As always, I am realizing I have a lot to learn—much of which will take a lot of time. One day I hope to be a “lifer” who is an example of the excellence our profession has to offer.

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