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12 Things to Never Say to Older and Younger Coworkers

Nina Kim | NursingLink

With the downturn in the US economy, workplaces are becoming more and more diverse age-wise. Older workers are working alongside younger workers as people at every stage in their nursing career are getting laid off.

With this generational gap among health care workers widening, there’s a lot of potential for miscommunication or differing perspectives. Though many people will absolutely deny that they have any pre-conceived notions about certain people, let’s face it — stereotypes are a reality in our culture whether we like it or not.

To ease relations between older and younger nurses, NursingLink has come up with six things never to say to an older coworker and six things to never say to a younger coworker. Some of these may seem obvious, but you’ll be surprised to hear how many people have actually been asked these types of questions. So whatever you do, don’t say these 12 things!

First Thing Not to Say >>

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    almost 4 years ago


    terrific intent in this article. its all about respect, manners and professionalism...great message

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    about 5 years ago


    I am the youngest nurse on my shift (35) and the next youngest is 60! I get so tired of the mothering and the condescending comments about my seeming lack of maturity. "You're too aggressive", "You're too impatient", "You need to let things go". Yet, I am always the one who gets things done, who helps everyone out, and puts out all the fires! I hate being the low woman on the totem pole because of my age!

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    about 5 years ago


    You constantly have to prove yourself if your younger than everybody else you work with

    This is true no matter your age. I am in my forties, have been a nurse for 20 plus years and every time I start somewhere else, I go through this. Its just a learning curve as you get to know your new co-workers and they get to know and trust you.

  • 199_max50


    about 5 years ago


    I love this article! Im a young nurse, and when i started 4 yrs ago it was no better than it is now. Older more experienced nurses automatically be little you and make you feel like crap! They really do think you dont know seriously I graduated and passed my exam I'M SMART! You constantly have to prove yourself if your younger than everybody else you work with. I started off as a charge nurse and it was super hard having to tell 40 something yr olds what to do...they were not receptive at all. Best advice for young professionals...develop thick skin quick! And dont pay any attention to non sense. You know what you're capable of, do your job and be great at it. You dont have anything to prove to anyone but yourself.

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    about 5 years ago


    This article was informative. The worst statement that I have had to really work hard at getting over was when someone said to me "You'll get over that." when I was showing understanding and compassion to a patient. I don't want to "get over" my compassion. That is why I became a nurse in the first place.

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