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10 Nursing Rules You've Never Heard Of

Marijke Durning | Scrubs Magazine

Nursing Rules You've Never Heard of

1. You can’t be an obese nurse in Japan.

If you’re considering moving to Japan to try your hand at nursing, you may want to check if foreigners are included in the two-year-old law that bans the Japanese from being fat. In 2008, the Japanese government decreed that its citizens had to slim down to reduce the chances of developing lifestyle-related diseases, such as metabolic syndrome—or metabo, as they call it there.

The rules are pretty strict, and the government did come under fire from medical experts who said the mandated maximum allowable waist size for men was too strict. Those who fail their waist measurement test must lose weight. If they haven’t lost weight within three months, they are given dieting guidance. If they’re still not successful after six months, they receive “re-education.”

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    Interestingly, I recently noticed several orders preceded by "kindly". As in: "Kindly place an NG to LCWS." And regarding scrubs; I always get very positive responses from patients and their visitors when I wear my "Classic Muscle Car" scrub top.

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    about 4 years ago


    I will stick with nursing in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! I like the Australian law about the English test, we ought to do that here too. I run across nurses from time to time who have abysmal communication skills (poor vocabulary, heavy accent to the point of unintelligibility) r/t English not being their primary language. Can't have this in nursing, lives are at stake!

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    " I believe that this is a great idea that Wales not only provides uniforms for their medical
    personnel,but they," color-code", their staff providing patient services.
    ***According to the Study of Color Psychology:"The Color Blue"-
    "Promotes a general,calming presence,when interacting with behavioral health clients,
    especially,those in treatment for Co-Occuring,Dependency Issues.
    Once the client is calm,the contact personnel acquires a better understanding / advantage towards
    assisting the client to accept his / her need for treatment,thus can establish trust / appropriate
    goals for him / her to adhere to / achieve towards their road to recovery ".
    ***Sometimes...Medical Research for Community Meeting's Presentations does pay-off !
    Nine Lives.

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