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3 Male Nurse Myths

3 Male Nurse Myths

When I first decided to enter the nursing profession, I really had no idea what I was getting into. I hadn’t grown up wanting to be a nurse, nor did I give it much thought beforehand.

But I was bored and miserable working for the U.S. Postal Service and had to find something that was a lot more mentally stimulating. My mother, who is a nurse, suggested that I pursue nursing. I thought, “That’s a woman’s profession! Why would I want to do that?”


The idea of nursing being only a “woman’s profession” has given way to the idea that anyone can be a nurse. The number of men in nursing is steadily increasing, and that’s a good thing. There’s plenty of room under the nursing umbrella for both men and women.

Many so-called “manly men” like policemen and firemen pursue second careers in nursing after they retire. The step seems to be a logical one, since policemen and firemen are caretakers (of sorts) to begin with.

Variables such as flexibility of schedule, excellent pay and the daily challenges of nursing make the job very rewarding. The scientific and methodical approach to nursing is also what I would call “man-friendly.”


What drew me to nursing, not as a man but as a human, was the interaction with people and the reward of helping others. That is a universal truth for nurses, be they male or female. I like to get people’s stories, finding out as much as I can about them, the way they live and who is around to assist them with their needs.

These are important aspects of caring for patients that only nurses think about while devising a plan of care. I believe that the nursing approach of caring for the entire individual should be the standard for all of those working in the health care field.

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