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5 Interview Wrong Turns

Zac Frank | NursingLink

#1: Trying Too Hard to Be Similar

Research has found that people not only like people similar to them but that they will project their positive traits onto those they are perceiving. It’s a two step process. First, interviewers assess whether or not you are similar to them. Once that is established, they project their positive personality traits onto you.

A big mistake interviewees make is thinking they have to continually emphasize how they are similar to their interviewer(s). Don’t waste your time. Once you have established how you are alike, the interviewer will do the rest.


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    That is interesting to judge interviewers.I have also learned some things regarding psychology of an interviewers.Good to read all wrong turns during an interview.All this information would be helpful for me.

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    almost 5 years ago

    I generally find most articles here very helpful, or at least informative. However, not this one.e.g...If your interviewer is loud, then mimic him and be loud yourself. I don't think so. It does not come across as a very professional article. Sorry.

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    almost 5 years ago


    Whatever happened to be yourself? I have been to several interviews, and while I think it is important to act in a professional manner, the ins and outs of these suggestions makes my head spin. I feel it's daughnting and unnecessary. However, I guess you have to play the game. Therefore,when you get in, then let them know it was just a big BS cover.

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