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7 Mistakes Hiring Managers Hate


Deal Breakers for Hiring Managers

Lack of Preparation

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

This is the single biggest complaint expressed by 100% of the hiring managers surveyed. Like being late — which is itself a form of logistical unpreparedness – lack of preparation means a lot of things to a lot of different hiring managers. At its essence, it means that the candidate is not ready for the responsibilities of this job. 
Lack of preparation can mean that you are not dressed appropriately. If you come to a nursing interview in gym clothes, you are unprepared. Just because you are expected to wear comfy scrubs at work, doesn’t mean you should wear comfortable clothes to the interview!

If you come to an interview without fresh copies of your nursing resume, you are unprepared. If you come to an interview unaware of what the company does, you are unprepared. If you come to an interview without researching the hospital and learning about any specialties they offer or medical research they’ve done, you are unprepared. 

The best way to avoid unpreparedness is simple. Research, research, research. Find out the history of the hospital, read any latest news articles about the organization. Find out about the culture of the hospital, the accomplishments and the sensitivities of other health care professionals who work there. Find out about everything that you possibly can, so, when you are asked —“Why exactly do you want to work here?” You’ll have 20 good reasons that you actually know, believe, and can articulate.

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