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10 Things You Should Stop Complaining About in Nursing

Adam Starr | NursingLink


Nursing Salary

At some point in your nursing career, the chances are good that you’ll feel unsatisfied with your salary. While moaning about your salary is common, it isn’t very helpful. The reality is that nursing salaries differ across jobs, across regions, and even within hospitals. While it’s true that the average nurse or healthcare professional gets paid more in San Francisco than in Fargo, it doesn’t mean that the work of either employee is more or less valuable than the other. The cost of living varies greatly across the country and salaries everywhere reflect these regional differences.

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The bottom line is that companies want to make money. Hospitals know which team members can make that goal a reality. So instead of complaining, try to deliver consistently excellent work, whether it’s providing outstanding patient care, or being an invaluable team player. Ideally, your salary should reflect your contribution to the hospital and leave both you and your organization satisfied.

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