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    Getting Around NursingLink

    Getting Around NursingLink
    So now that you've found your way to NursingLink, what exactly is there do? There are many ways to be interactive and if you need some ideas, this guide will show you exactly what there is to do in each section. Careers You can search our job listings to see who is hiring nurses. We've partnered with to bring you ...
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    Nursing Reality Shock: The New Nurse Survival Guide

    Nursing Reality Shock: The New Nurse Survival Guide
    For second-career nurses, the transition from nursing school to working with real patients can range from somewhat uncomfortable to highly shocking. These rookies often have given up secure, well-established careers, only to discover on-the-job demands never mentioned in the textbooks. The right attitude can help you weather your first few months on the nursing unit. For those who overcome the challenges ...
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    How to Post a Topic in the Forum

    Posting a topic in the forum can be a great way to get answers to questions, vent about a bad day, and connect with other nurses or nursing students. Posting a topic is easy, but make sure you know how to format posts using our toolbar. Step 1: Click on "Forum" in the blue navigation bar. Next, click "Start New Forum ...
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