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Use of Your CNA Certification

Use of Your CNA Certification


January 29, 2012

Getting yourself a CNA (certified nursing assistant) certification to work alongside patient care professionals will allow you to open up new doors of career opportunity into the lucrative health care industry. Most who have gone through the training process to become a CNA will learn highly-applicable skills that give them the tools to help others outside of work, and once getting to apply those CNA skills outside it’s hard to talk them out of wanting to further increase their training and skill set to learn how to help more people and earn a bigger salary in the process.

Being a certified nursing assistant gives you the tools to help patients in many kinds of situations. The patients who are infirm and unable to accomplish routine tasks for themselves, either due to physical or mental barriers, will require the assistance of CNAs to help them. With daily personal hygiene-related maintenance a large issue for long-term health care organizations, the CNA is an invaluable agent in helping the patient retain their dignity even in a debilitated state. CNAs are encouraged to improve their resume by working in a variety of health care organizations to gain a variety of new skills that can be marketed to the workplace of your choice down the line when you discover which area of health care (i.e. mental institutions, hospitals, long-term care facilities, etc.) best compliments your interests in a CNA career. Specialization will also increase the salary a CNA will command when getting hired in a new location.

Providing some of the necessary assistance to give infirm patients the fundamentals in daily nursing care, CNAs are a common way for registered nurses (RNs) to begin their careers in the medical field. The experienced gained as a CNA is an oft-cited method for creating some of the best RNs in the medical field as well, as the hands-on training and exposure to patient care as well as the interaction with actual RNs gives CNAs an edge in continuing their career to the next level. A great way to build a strong foundation of skills to assist in any future patient care career, the CNA will have a greater understanding of the requirements that each individual patient needs compared to the more detached, hands-off way that other medical professionals are trained to interact with patients.

Post-certification is the time to begin increasing a CNA’s skill set for an eventual push towards an ideal job in the medical industry. The added skills and certifications that a CNA acquires will enable them to have more responsibility, more job offers, and an increased rate of pay as a result. CNAs are encouraged to increase their education when serious about continuing their career aspirations past the base level, and in rare instances with great CNAs their employer health care facility will offer to pay for their continuing educations. Whether the ultimate goal is to become a practical (LPN) or registered nurse, building upon the fundamental skills learned as a CNA is an invaluable step towards a successful career in the medical field.

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