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What Is The Certified Nursing Assistant Salary?

What Is The Certified Nursing Assistant Salary?


January 29, 2012

If you are a student who want to get into the medical field for a prosper future, or you have recently lost your job and looking for a new one then you can start a new profession that would never let you down. This profession always has great job opportunities and everyone holding this prestigious job status is considered respectful in the society. Normally people ask for the certified nursing assistant salary as it varies from place to place. On average, the beginning salary ranges from $10 to $16 per hour. CNA stands for Certified Nursing Assistance and to become a certified nursing assistant, you have to take few weeks training.

Supervised by a highly qualified staff, the American Red Cross also conducts the training classes for CNA. The Red Cross certification is well-recognized throughout the country. Some other schools and colleges are also offering its certification. The training durations are different in different states according to the state rule and requirements. The standard training has 11 modules, and a student has to spend about 100-200 hours in the campus for the training. Schools are putting sincere efforts on the students to pass the exams. A number of schools and colleges are offering this course but students should check the school accreditation with the state’s Board of Nursing.

Moreover, before paying the fee or to start the training, you can also take certified nursing assistant training online by registering yourself with different websites. The online training is more flexible because if you are working somewhere you still can have the training classes. There is another way if you are not able to pay the fee for the training, you can join the nursing homes. You will have to spend 100-200 hours for the bookwork and will get some practical experience as well by visiting the wards during your training period. Now once you finish the training, you will get the certification. CNAs are hired by the nursing school either part-time or full-time base on the agreed contract.

By the end of your training, you will have to appear in the exam which has two parts. In the first part you will be given multiple choice questions to select the right one. And the second part is practical where you will be taken to the ward and will be given some situations to deal with. As you will be having great work load and will be working under pressure, this will help in better judgment and knowing if the student is capable or handling such situations or not.

Once you are rewarded with the certificate, you can start working as a Certified Nursing Assistant. The certified nursing assistant salary is not fixed and depends upon the nature of work and working environment. You will be working either in hospitals or working with patients at their homes. The primary duties will involve checking blood pressure, body temperature, and pulse rate. While working in hospital you will be assisting the registered nurses with their routine work and also with cleaning and monitoring the medical equipment. This profession has great benefits as certified nursing assistant salary starts from $10-$16 and there are regular pay raises and you will be having a great progressive career, with the great stability of the job.

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