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    Setting Nurse-to-Patient Ratios = More RNs

    Setting Nurse-to-Patient Ratios = More RNs
    Legislation in California that set nurse-to-patient ratios added more registered nurses to the hospital staffing mix, not fewer as feared, researchers say. Lead researcher Matthew McHugh, a nursing professor at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, says California was the first state to pass legislation setting staffing levels. However, mindful of the ongoing nurse shortage California legislators determined that hospitals could ...
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    Radiation Levels and Their Effects on People

    If you're at all like me, while watching the nuclear crisis unfold at Fukushima, you've been really confused by the reports of levels of radiation released at the plants, and at various locations nearby. One report, for instance, says that "radiation levels near the stricken plant on the northeast coast reached as high as 400 millisieverts (mSv) an hour." But what ...
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    5 "Women's Diseases" Your Husband Can Get

    5 "Women's Diseases" Your Husband Can Get
    It’s hard to escape the flagrant gender labeling in our society. Dolls and the color pink are associated with girls, while guys are assigned GI Joes and the “manly” color blue. And the trend doesn’t stop at childhood, either. Even the medical industry tends to ascribe certain diseases to men or women, even when both sexes run the risk of developing ...
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    $225 Million Medicare Fraud Exposed

    $225 Million Medicare Fraud Exposed
    More than 100 doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals were arrested Thursday, Feb. 17, in what is being called as the "biggest crackdown ever in a single day in connection with Medicare fraud," according to CNN. According to various news reports, authorities arrested suspects across the nation in LA, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Brooklyn, Tampa, and Baton Rouge, uncovering an ...
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