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    Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Clinical Nurse Specialists develop uniform standards for quality care and work with staff nurses to ensure that those standards are being met. They are required to possess strong managerial skills and an ability to anticipate potential staff/patient conflicts. For more in-depth information check out the article Clinical Nurse Leaders. h4. Median Annual Salary $76,209 h4. Educational Requirements Related Links Article: NursingLink’s ...
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    15 Exciting Careers with an Advanced Nursing Degree

    15 Exciting Careers with an Advanced Nursing Degree
    Individuals considering nursing should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of enrolling in a BSN or MSN program because, if they do, their advancement opportunities usually are broader. In fact, some career paths are open only to nurses with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. A bachelor’s degree often is necessary for administrative positions and is a prerequisite for admission to graduate ...
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    5 Reasons to Get a PhD/DNP

    5 Reasons to Get a PhD/DNP
    Less than one percent of all American nurses have a doctoral degree. But if the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has its way, that will soon change. Last year, the IOM, in conjunction with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, released The Future of Nursing, a summary of its two-year study of nursing and healthcare. The report says nurses need to take on ...
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    Advanced Practice Nursing and the 2015 DNP

    Advanced Practice Nursing and the 2015 DNP
    The word is definitely out. Maybe since it’s now 2011, the rumor mill is churning more. The Internet and the bedside seem to be fraught with opinions, questions and down right confusion. From my own circle of the world it seems that everyone wants to know ‘what is up’. Let me clear the air and maybe shed just a shred of ...
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