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You Know You're a Student Nurse When…

You Know You're a Student Nurse When…

Why are you proud to be a student nurse?

Rebekah Child | Scrubs Magazine

What makes us student nurses stand out from the crowd?

The good, the bad and everything in between, you know you’re a student nurse when:

1. You’re walking around looking like a marshmallow in your stiff, unstructured, stark-white scrubs.

2. You are more excited about drawing blood than all the vampires in Twilight put together.

3. Prepping an IV piggyback is fun.

4. You’re more excited about giving shots than you are taking shots, and your non-nursing friends don’t get it…

5. People look at you weird when you throw medical terms into your daily conversations.

6. You’re banned from talking about your day at the dinner table because you’re family gets grossed out.

7. Getting to wear colorful scrubs for the first time is the highlight of your year!

8. You check on your patient every 20 minutes with “How are you feeling now?” and “Is there anything else I can get you?” until they’re almost sick of you.

9. You perform physical assessments on your family: listening to lung sounds at every cough, bowel sounds with an upset stomach, and every time someone has an ache you ask them to rate it on a scale from 1-10.

10. Consequently, you’ve become the “resident nurse” at home and you’re now expected to be able to answer questions about mystery diagnoses and know how to treat every ache and pain.

11. You volunteer to clean up and bandage your niece/nephew’s boo-boos and owies.

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