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Why You're NOT Getting Into Nursing School

Steve Berman | NursingLink

Problem No. 4: Your dream school keeps saying no

You’ve always wanted to go to a certain nursing school. Maybe it’s close to where you live, or perhaps it’s ranked as one of the best nursing schools; for whatever reason you’re fixated on getting into THAT school. The problem is, they aren’t as enamored with you, and you’ve been rejected multiple times now. Since a lot of the best nursing schools are also the pickiest when it comes to screening applicants, it’s a pretty common problem.

Remedy: You might have to throw out a wider net. If nursing is truly your dream, consider schools that would require you to relocate or maybe aren’t quite as well known (like an online school, for example). After all, once you get the nursing degree and pass the NCLEX, you’ll have a very good chance at finding work no matter where you got the degree.

Problem No. 5: Getting rejected has left you discouraged

Whether it’s when you’re trying to get into a school, trying to get a job, or trying to find love, getting rejected stinks. It makes you question yourself, and prevents you from getting what you want. And since many nursing schools are accepting candidates through lottery systems, many great candidates for nursing school get rejected all the time. Rejections are normal, but they can be detrimental if they cause you to become bitter or stop applying altogether.


Remedy: Remember that getting rejected doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or that you’ll never get accepted to nursing school. Several people with GPA’s around 4.00, tons of extracurricular activities, and amazing test scores have been rejected. If you keep working to better yourself and keep applying, you’ll break through at some point.

The key to getting into nursing school is to realize that it can be just as much work to get admitted to a program as it is to actually attend nursing school and/or become a nurse. It isn’t easy, and getting rejected never is, but the best thing to do is to look at all your options and do everything in your power to make your application look great. Getting into nursing school takes determination, preparation and creativity – qualities that also happen to make great nurses.

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