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5 Tips to Deal With Nursing School Stress

5 Tips to Deal With Nursing School Stress

Fran Roberts | Scrubs Magazine

4. Get centered, physically and emotionally. Nurses are masters at multitasking—and often the trade-off of this mastery is sacrificing “me” time. We’re so busy taking care of the needs of patients, physicians and family members—not to mention social and personal commitments—that we tend to forget we need physical and spiritual nourishment as well. Although it might seem impossible, carve out a minimum of 30 minutes a day for yourself. Spend this time wisely—incorporate a physical activity such as walking or yoga, set an intention for the day that helps you maintain your focus and spend some time in meditation. If you’ve never tried meditation or yoga, try a physical inversion (simply put, turn yourself upside down or do a deep forward bend). It increases blood flow and helps you rest better and think more clearly.

5. Love your profession. You’ll get frustrated. You’ll get upset. You may break down in front of professors and colleagues. But remember, you’re entering into one of the most admired professions in the world. Without you, the healthcare system would fail. As you go through your studies, keep this in mind, and think about what you want to do next. What else can you learn that can help you and the care that you provide? How can you be a model to others and encourage more to enter our noble profession? It could be a certification, another degree or attending a conference to share best practices. An attitude of lifelong learning will help you gain confidence and enhance your position in the workplace.

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