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106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

Why do YOU love being a nurse?

Nurses are indeed the backbone of the medical field. They’re on the front lines every day, dealing with the heart of each patient’s issues, while ensuring that they feel comfortable and secure every step of the way.

There are probably a million reasons that everyone should love nurses, but we’ve come up with of the top ones.

106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

1. Nurses are regularly voted the most trusting of professions–and for good reason.

2. Somehow, they find ways to make their scrubs look so stylish.

3. They’re tough and nurturing at the same time.

4. They know how much we weigh but won’t tell a soul.

5. They break the rules for their patients everyone once in a while.

6. Decoding confusing doctor garble(written and spoken) is their M.O.

7. They’re our therapists, parents and drill sergeants rolled up in one.\

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8. Bedside manner is their specialty.

9. When we’re discharged, they shed tears of joy and sadness.

10. They’re experts at dishing out constructive criticism that actually makes us want to do the right thing.

11. They bring color (via personality) to the white walls of a cold medical facility.

12. Sometimes they let us cheer them up.

13. They’ll take only so much crap before they get a demanding patient in line (nicely, of course).

14. They’ve seen it all and therefore keep their heads in difficult moments.

15. They nurse our children back to health when we can’t.

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