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106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

Why do YOU love being a nurse?

16. We may not want to hear everything they have to say, but they’re always right.

17. They sneak treats into our room when they’re not supposed to.

18. They’re human and we know it, yet they somehow manage to be our superheroes.

19. They nurture our family members as if they were their own.

20. They struggle through their own pains yet still do their jobs like no other.

21. They get those doctors in check when no one else can.

22. From the moment they meet us, they remember our names.

23. They literally run the unit—everyone else can just get out the way.

24. They’re the only ones who can make chipped ice taste like a sweet popsicle.

25. When the bed is completely uncomfortable, they hit one button and it feels like pillowy clouds.

26. Having to use the bathroom in a hard, plastic bedpan seems easy when they help us.

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27. Even though they complain when we press the buzzer for them, we know they want to take care of us anyway.

28. While they’re late night checks can be annoying, they secretly make us feel comforted.

29. They’re the only ones besides our mothers who will fluff our pillows, prop up our legs, bring us water and change the channel for us.

30. They have that special gift of talking the physical therapist into being easy on us.

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