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106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

Why do YOU love being a nurse?

31. Though they may not admit it, sometimes we steal their hearts.

32. When no one else will sit and listen to our cockamamie stories, they will humor us.

33. They say they won’t baby us, but they do anyway.

34. For some reason, when they draw our blood or give us shots, it just doesn’t hurt.

35. They’re so lighthearted that sometimes we forget we’re in a hospital.

36. They grieve patient losses as much as the family does.

37. They always say that they have a favorite family member who looks or acts just like us.

38. Even when they’re off the clock, they’re nursing friends and family back to health.

39. They watch over us when we’re sleeping.

40. They leave all of that technical mumbo-jumbo at the door.

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41. If they could, they would take our pain for us.

42. They make their jobs look so easy.

43. They pray for our well-being when they leave their shifts.

44. When we’re on the verge of panic, they know how to keep us calm.

45. Even when they don’t feel good, they’re not too sick to care for us.

46. They always have a story to relate to what we’re going through.

47. There’s always one nearby to give us the comfort we need.

48. Even in our worst times, they make us feel our best.

49. It takes a lot to truly make them mad at us.

50. They don’t hesitate to call our family members “Uncle Joe” and Grandmama Fran" just like we do.

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