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106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

Why do YOU love being a nurse?

66. No matter how technical the medical field gets, they still offer an old-fashioned compassionate presence.

67. They talk our doctors into making special provisions for us.

68. Nurses take care of our family’s emotional well-being when we’re ill.

69. They don’t forget us when we’ve moved on to a better place (our house that is).

70. When they hug us, we feel their love.

71. Doing the little things (brushing our hair, tying our shoes) is second nature to them.

72. They sing our favorite songs with us.

73. Sometimes they’ll let us roll around in a wheelchair, even if we don’t need one.

74. When it’s time to go to surgery, they let us know they’ll be right there waiting for us when we wake up.

75. Before even visiting a doctor, we can talk to them over the phone and feel that everything will be alright.

76. They don’t hesitate to let us know we’re their favorite patient (even though we know they tell every patient the same thing).

77. They’re not just healthcare providers, they’re nurturers.

78. We somehow know a lot more leaving the hospital than we did coming in thanks to them.

79. They’re often overworked, underpaid and under appreciated, but still come in smiling everyday.

80. They always know when to be tough and when we just need some understanding.

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