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106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

106 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Nurses

Why do YOU love being a nurse?

81. When things get tough for them behind the scenes, it never shows in their work.

82. Sometimes they’re vulnerable too–and we love them for it.

83. When we’re trying our best, they root us on along the way.

84. When we don’t try our best, they offer the firm nudge we need.

85. They show sweet and mean patients the same love.

86. Caring for people isn’t a job, it’s an art.

87. They know there’s no such thing as being “too attached” to their patients.

88. Sometimes they bring us gifts when we’re good.

89. They’re just so doggone competent.

90. When we’re bored, they let us take their temperature and blood pressure.

91. Without them, being in cold medical buildings would be so much harder.

92. They help us decorate to make our rooms feel more like home.

93. They don’t forget our birthdays.

94. When our doctors walk away, our nurses are still standing there with us.

95. They never complain about how doctor TV shows diminish their roles.

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