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A Peek at Cardiac Care Nursing

A Peek at Cardiac Care Nursing

Brittney Wilson | The Nerdy Nurse

The new nurse jumped up with her knees on the bed, someone pressed the CPR release on the bed, and it went flat. The nurse held on like a rodeo star, and in less than 8 seconds, another strong thump to the heart with given. Only this time, the adrenaline was in full force, and this nurse gave it gusto. Again, his heart rhythm appeared to stabilize,and for a few moments mine as well.

Then, V-Fib.

“Lets shock him!” Without even batting an eye, the pads were placed on the patient, “EVERYONE CLEAR?” The familiar sound of charging I hear the daily, when the equipment is tested. And Then a very new and different sound as 200 joules of electricity surge through the machine and into the patient and the patient nearly leaping off the bed, yelling, and grabbing his chest, as his heart is told to beat differently. His eyes bulged in his head. He looked like he might vomit, might punch someone in the face, and then, nearly as soon as it began, he lied peacefully. He converted. Heart rate 130′s, A fib.

“What’s all this?” He calmly asked as all eyes were on him. The room filled with nurses hanging on his every quazi-stable heartbeat, breath, and now : words. Surely every ounce of oxygen evaporated form the room in the seconds that followed, as everyone released the breaths that had been held and refilled their lungs. Laugher, praise, and relief were present in this tiny room. The patient even laughed as the nurses explained what had happened, he thanked them, laughed a bit himself, and went back to sleep.

But still there was the A-Fib.

A quick call to the DOC, who is apparently a colorful fellow, often entitled and self-righteous, but talented and competent, and we had our orders. “You shocked him into it, now shock him back out”. And that is exactly what they did. This time, since my own rhythm had converted, I actually participated, rather than looking dumb-founded. I documented, with precise times, accurate details, and beautifully accurate and legal nursing language.

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