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9 Qualities of a Great Nurse

9 Qualities of a Great Nurse

It takes many great qualities to be a good nurse. Nursing as a specialty requires people to be as smart as doctors, as patient as a mother does, and as compassionate as a friend. A nursing career allows you to experience a level of personal gratification that does not come with any other job. What are the qualities that a great nurse should possess?

1. Excellent Communication Skills

One of the most important qualities for a nurse is solid communication skills. A nurse must know when to speak, when to listen and when to intervene. A nurse must also be able to follow directions easily and communicate patient’s health status to the patients and their families. A nurse also has the task of ensuring he or she anticipates his or her patient’s needs, and act as the patient’s advocate with others in the hospital. Emotional Stability

Nursing exposes a person to the stresses of watching a favorite patient die, observe and participate in gruesomely graphical surgeries and the painful task of comforting a bereaved family. All these traumatic situations can tax the strongest of nurses. It’s extremely necessary, therefore, that anyone desiring to be a nurse should be emotionally stable and accept human suffering as a part of their career.

2. Empathy for Patients and Their Families

Feeling empathy for patients and their families paves the way to true compassion, which is the hallmark of nursing. It’s not easy to watch a patient suffer. However, to be able to empathize and provide the support, kindness and compassion when needed without becoming hard and cynical is not easy. Watching people suffer day in and day out can make the best people harden themselves. A nurse has to remain empathetic and compassionate in order to remain a great nurse.

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