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9 Qualities of a Great Nurse

9 Qualities of a Great Nurse

7. Problem-Solving Skills

Another quality that a great nurse should have is the ability to think quickly and take quick decisions. Being able to think quickly and solve issues even as they occur can mitigate situations before they escalate. Tricky situations arise in any career; however, with nursing, one has to deal with sick patients, severe trauma cases, emergencies, grieving families, and cranky doctors. Quick thinking abilities and problem-solving skills are what differentiate an average nurse from a truly great one.

8. Quickness and Responsiveness

Being prepared for the unexpected is one of the job descriptions listed for nursing. Sudden emergencies can occur, and situations can arise out of nowhere, calling for nurses to be quick and alert. A nurse that takes time to respond to a situation does not succeed in this career. It’s necessary to be quick, stay cool, keep your head in a crisis situation and maintain a calm attitude throughout.

9. Respect for People and Rules

A great nurse always shows the right respect for people and rules. Remaining impartial, being mindful of confidentiality requirements, respecting different cultures, traditions and norms and patient’s wishes are the golden rules of nursing.

It’s necessary for a nurse to respect the hospital staff. Respecting a patient’s needs and treating all patients, irrespective of their age, with respect are the true signs of a great nurse.

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