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Tips for Finding a Travel Nursing Job

Tips for Finding a Travel Nursing Job

Travel Nurse Qualifications

Review your qualifications; you will need a valid Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN) license, with at least one year’s experience in a clinical setting, working in acute care environments. It helps your chances greatly if you certified to handle special areas. Travel nurses are usually hired based on their skills and expertise. As such, temporary travel jobs are reserved for nurses who can prove a successful track record. Apart from this, suitable references attesting to nursing skills, flexibility and work ethics are an absolute necessity.

It’s also necessary that you show recent nursing experience, since medical technology changes so rapidly. If you have not been nursing for more than six months, you won’t be picked for travel nurse jobs. In order to qualify for a travel nurse job, you will need to get back to being a staff nurse in an acute care facility.

Using Travel Nurse Recruiting Agencies

Many health care employment agencies specialize in placing travel nurses, such as American Mobile Health care and American Traveler. Check out each travel nursing company and understand how they function. Research different options and make an informed decision about which travel nursing company you want to use.

Talk to nurses who have been placed by the travel nursing company. You’ll find out which companies are the best with good reputations, and what factors they look for in a travel nurse. Good travel nursing companies look for nurses with good qualifications, experience, presentability, great references, a willing attitude and excellent work ethics. You’ll know that a travel nursing company is good based on what their criteria is for nurses they recruit and based on their clientele.

Note that a good, reputable staffing company will not charge you any fee for placing you. The medical facility that hires you will pay the agency for the placement. If a travel-nursing agency asks you for money to place you, you know you have met a scammer. Always read the fine print and ask upfront if you will need to pay fees. If the travel-nursing agency does not tell you upfront about charging you and tries to charge you later on, you can approach the law for resolution.

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