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6 Reasons to Choose a Nursing Career

6 Reasons to Choose a Nursing Career

You Will Find Jobs Even During Recessions

No one ever lost a job as a nurse just because there’s recession or economic downturn. Hospitals still have to function, and health care investments have to be continued. If anything, stresses are higher during recession and more people fall sick, making sure that you’ll never be out of work during . As a nurse, you’ll never be out of work during recession periods. You’ll enjoy job security all the time, even if wages are affected during recession. As a nurse, you occupy a niche career, one that is required when the economy is healthy, or unhealthy, at peace and during war.

You Are Trusted With Lives

Nursing is a science and trained and prudent nurses are right there next to doctors when it comes to saving lives. Nurses are trusted with extremely sensitive information and they have to do things by the book and maintain confidentiality. As a nurse, you must be able to analyze patient’s pathology and diagnostic test results to decide on how to proceed with the patient. You should be able to analyze cardiac monitor strips and start resuscitating a patient during emergencies. You should be able to decide within a split second which specialist to call, which equipment to turn on, and what exactly to tell a patient. You are trusted with lives, with confidential information and you have the important task of watching over the life of the patient in your care. No other career holds this amount of responsibility.


If you show a commitment to learning, are willing to work hard, and above all, have the right compassion and respect for life, then being a nurse might be the right thing for you. Studying to be a nurse can be demanding and stressful. However, passing the state board exam is only the first step towards nursing. Your true nursing education begins after you start working. Become a nurse so that through you, someone feels better, someone leaves the hospital feeling hopeful and someone gets a fresh lease and fresh perspective on life. As a nurse, you grow as a person even as you make a difference in another person’s life.

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