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Why You Should Go Back to School

Why You Should Go Back to School

Donna Cardillo, RN, BS / Verticalnet, Inc.

When I decided, a little over ten years ago, to go back to college to pursue my bachelor’s degree, I viewed it as a necessary evil. I was contemplating starting my own business and believed I should “beef up” my credentials before moving forward. I saw the whole ordeal as a timely, expensive exercise that would yield me little more than a piece of paper.

I was in for a pleasant surprise. I got so much more.

When I graduated from a diploma nursing school in the early 1970s, I had no intention of ever returning to school for any reason. I had my career as a nurse and absolutely no desire to continue my education. In fact, I achieved a good deal of success without a degree and never saw any benefit in obtaining one. Besides, I never particularly liked school, and really didn’t have the time or money to go back.

When I decided to return, I wasn’t interested in obtaining a BSN, so I enrolled in a BS, Health Care Management program. I was delighted to discover that the majority of my fellow classmates were just like me. They were “older” adults with full lives that included jobs, families and many other things. We were all in the same boat and that, somehow, made it more tolerable.

Renewed life

As I proceeded with my coursework, amazing things began to happen. I found out that through reading assignments, classroom discussions, and assigned research and projects, I actually began to learn more about my profession, the world around me, and myself. I felt parts of my brain coming to life that had been lying dormant for years. I was being challenged in many ways and forced to think about things I had previously taken for granted or assumed I knew everything about.

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