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Why You Should Go Back to School

Why You Should Go Back to School

Donna Cardillo, RN, BS / Verticalnet, Inc.

I began to feel a sense of accomplishment for just having gotten myself back into school. I was developing an increasing sense of self-esteem, and much to my surprise, was learning something. These were all unexpected benefits of returning to school.

When I finally graduated, after several years of sacrifice and hard work, I realized that earning my degree filled a gap in me that I wasn’t even aware existed. It gave me a sense of closure. I found myself going out into the world with greater self-confidence and purpose. I realized that my previous lack of degree had actually been holding me back, in subtle ways, from pursuing even bigger, better dreams. Now, I felt as though nothing was holding me back and I attacked life with renewed gusto.

I entered graduate school several years ago and am currently pursuing an MA in corporate and public communication. Once again I find myself using parts of my mind that had been unchallenged for awhile. I’m learning even more and building a solid foundation for my professional practice.

In addition to the knowledge I’m gaining, I’m honing my writing, speaking, organizational, and research capabilities. I continue to build a sense of confidence and accomplishment for my efforts. Graduate study is expanding my mind in ways I never thought possible. I’m forming opinions about things I never gave much thought to. I’m seeing that the world is much less black and white than I had previously thought.

Getting back

If you have ever thought of going back to school, just do it. The first step is to choose a school and a major and do what it takes to get enrolled. Use the Internet to search and get more information or go to your public library and ask the librarian to show you were to find books that list universities by major and geographic location. Then send for catalogs and see what appeals to you. Many colleges today have special programs for nontraditional students.

Once you’re in, just keep plugging along knowing that eventually you’ll come to the end. If you never start, you’ll never finish. Do you need to get a BSN or MSN to be successful in nursing? Not necessarily. If you wish to pursue a nursing degree, great. But many nurses are going for degrees in healthcare management, health education, business, psychology, communication and other related fields. All of these majors compliment your nursing background.

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