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20 Reasons Why You Should Be a Nurse

20 Reasons Why You Should Be a Nurse

14. You can always get paid better by completing higher nursing or medical care degrees. As a nurse, you have many career opportunities that can be achieved via further education.

15. You can help care for the health of your family and friends. Your nursing education and experience prepares you to handle family emergencies; this is a definite advantage if you have children of your own.

16. You can work in the medical field alongside doctors but you don’t have to study for 12 to 14 the way doctors have to. With 2 or 4 years of professional education, you can work alongside top medical professionals and contribute to healthcare.

17. If something goes wrong with a patient, the doctor is liable for malpractice, not the nurse. That doesn’t mean you can make costly mistakes, however.

18. You can spend a lot of time with patients and build lasting relationships. You get the chance to meet some unique people and this will enrich your life experience. Doctors seldom get the time to spend with patients.

19. When a doctor picks a specialty, he or she has to stick to it, as changing the specialty means continuing education. However, as a nurse, you can change specialties and shift from pediatrics to trauma to cancer ward by attending an orientation training session and hands on.

20. You can start your career with a minimum amount of debt, unlike doctors, who have to spend a lot of money to graduate and specialize before they start making returns on their investments.

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