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The Details of an Online Education

The Details of an Online Education

Adam Starr | NursingLink

Not since the revolutionary invention of Gutenberg’s printing press in the 15th century has a single technology so dramatically changed the future of education as the web. Just as movable type helped create a booming university culture in the late-middle ages, so too has the modern web created an educational paradigm shift. Not only has the web democratized education, it has fundamentally changed how and where we learn.

Online learning is the natural evolution of this second great shift in educational technology. As modern Americans have grown networked and connected across various digital devices, so too has our busy society become accustomed to learning where and when we want. As a consequence, millions of people pursue higher education and earn college degrees every year without ever stepping foot on the grassy quad of a physical campus.

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We used to have to leave home and go off to school to get a degree. No more. Nowadays, thanks to the preponderance of fully accredited online universities, we can get a quality education from anywhere. Now we have the opportunity to study what we want, when we want, and most importantly, where we want. That’s why institutions like the University of Phoenix are so transformational; we don’t actually have to move to Phoenix to get our degree.

Finding the Right School

Now that you’ve decided to pursue an online degree on your terms and your timeline, the next step is to decide on the school that best meets your career goals and interests. Fortunately for you, there are more online schools available today than ever before. Choosing the right school has never been easier. No matter your field of interest, from business, to culinary arts, photography to fashion, fire science to nursing, will point you in the right academic direction.

First, decide what you want to study, then explore schools offering the degree programs you find interesting, and finally, research the degree schedule and cost of your ideal school. While you are gathering information, make sure to read testimonials, talk to admissions officers, and ask your network of friends and family about their experience at the school of your choice. Since you can study at dozens of schools from the comfort of your own home, you have a huge variety of programs and degrees available to you.

What is Online Learning?

Online learning is a lot like traditional learning, only instead of commuting to the classroom, you’ll join class discussions and seminars electronically. While online, you will read class material, take and compile notes, and form study groups with your classmates to prepare for exams. Thanks to video and chat technology, you will enjoy face-to-face interactions, live forums, team projects, and homework assignments all delivered via your computer.

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