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Choose the Nursing School That Fits You

Choose the Nursing School That Fits You

Beth Anderson, RN | Nursinglink

There are nursing programs in the largest universities as well as the smallest community colleges. There are even online programs! So there’s bound to be something for you. Here are the questions to ask yourself when selecting a school.

Should I get an ADN or BSN?

Deciding whether you want to go for an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree is essential at this point. Community colleges typically offer associates degrees and are a good value if you are trying not to spend too much money. The advantage of getting an ADN is that it doesn’t take as long as a BSN and it requires less of the prerequisites. However, there are many positions that require a Bachelor’s degree for advancement, so it may be advisable to get the BSN when you can.

Do I Want to Stay Local, Go Somewhere Else, or Study Online?

Would you like to attend a local school or are you interested in living somewhere new? You can find nursing programs in every state in the US. Did you know that there are even nursing schools in the Caribbean? If you live in a heavily populated area, you may find long waiting lists to get admitted to the nursing school of your choice. Broadening your range of where you will consider traveling too can increase your chances of getting in. If you can afford to relocate, your options can be limitless.

Do you prefer to live on campus or to commute? For the second degree student, commuting might make more sense. Perhaps you lived on campus when you acquired your first degree and you don’t wish to revisit that experience. Most adult learners would probably prefer to live away from campus. If you are a new student you might want to consider living on campus. Nursing programs are very demanding of your time and it’s very convenient to always to live within walking distance of the library and your classes.

Perhaps an online program would be your best option. Online courses offer the same educational information that you would get in a traditional institution but they are held in virtual classrooms instead of physical classrooms. Everything else will be similar to campus colleges. You will still have professors, books, assignments, exams, and grades, but also more flexibility as you would learn over the Internet from the location of your choice.

How Will I Pay for School?

Will you need to work while in school? If so, then you should choose a program accordingly. As previously stated, an ADN from a community college is a great value if you are trying not to spend too much money. However, finding the right educational fit is important too. There are many ways to make ends meet. Because of the national scarcity of nurses, there are a lot of scholarships available for nursing students to encourage men and women to apply.

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