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The Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse

The Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse


Housing Allowance

This varies depending on location but averages about $900 per month (give or take a couple hundred depending on the area). Usually you can opt out of this if you let them rent the apartment for you. If you decide to take this route, the company usually rents private housing but some agencies have you share a two bedroom apartment with another traveler.

Travel Expenses

Many (but not all) agencies reimburse you for part or all of your travel expenses to move from one assignment to another. Make sure to look into this when picking an agency.

Medical Benefits

Travel nurse agencies are now offering medical coverage for the traveler and with the payment of additional premiums they can cover your dependents. If medical and dental coverage is very important to you check this one out very carefully. Often the benefit offered is minimal compared to what you might get working as a permanent employee. While travel nurse benefits are improving this is one area where it pays to do your homework.

License Reimbursement

Many agencies are now offering to pay part or all of the cost of getting your license in a state where you want to work. This is very important if you want to travel and work in many different places as you need a separate license for each state you work in.

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