3 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Travel Nurse

3 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Travel Nurse


You can even use travel nursing as your chance to try a different practice setting. If you’ve always been a hospital-based nurse, for example, you could ask your recruiter to look for an assignment in an ambulatory care center, a skilled-nursing facility, or even a managed-care organization.

This flexibility can be liberating for any nurse.

3. Broaden your children’s horizons.

Have children? Not a problem: Recruiters are willing to accommodate just about any situation, including finding housing suitable for travelers with children. As a result, many travel nurses take their children and their spouses with them on the road.

The experience can be invaluable for the children, helping to expand their viewpoint. They have the chance to explore the country in more depth than they could on the typical family vacation, plus they can interact with people from different cultures, something they might not get to do in their own hometown.

Don’t want to move your children around during the school year? You can still be a travel nurse. You could request an assignment with an easy commute (in the next county or in a bordering state). Then in the summer, when the children are out of school, you can take to the open road. There’s no question that travel nursing will test your mettle and help you grow, both personally and professionally.

With just a few days’ orientation at each assignment, you’ll draw on the confidence you have in your nursing skills and adapt quickly and efficiently to new situations in your new environment. You’ll challenge your perceptions and open yourself to new experiences. And along the way, you will make memories that you would of never had if you stayed at home.

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