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Traits of a Travel Nurse

Traits of a Travel Nurse


What travel nurse characteristics do all travel nurses share in common? The travel nurse who chooses a travel nurse career is usually not a “stay at home” type of nurse. Some of them enjoy travel for the tourist attractions and others will pick remote locations because of the hiking, backpacking and wilderness experiences they can find.

The reasons for choosing a traveling nurse career are as varied as the number of nurses who decide a travel nurse job is right for them. Of course, there are some travel nurse characteristics that all travel nurses seem to share…

Here is a list of common traits among travel nurses:


Let’s face it. Anyone willing to pack up and move every 3 months is someone who loves challenge and has the right travel nurse characteristics.

2011 RN Salary Projections

RN SalariesIn 2010 RNs can expect to see their salaries, and other benefits, grow. More employers are offering sweet incentives such as sign-on bonuses, tuition reimbursement, and more flexible hours in order to entice nurses to work in their facilities.

How much could you be making?


Most Nurses are problem solvers by their nature. Travel Nurses should have an extra helping of this just to be certain.


Sometimes you get a day shift that is mostly week-days and you don’t have to float to the medical/surgery floor. But for every assignment like that you get 9 others that want you to work nights, week-ends and holidays. Plus, they want you to float to exotic departments like medical or surgical. So, be nimble and think fast and make FLEXIBLE your middle name.

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